My Thoughts on the Presidential Front Runners (1/26/16) first post!

Hello all! We are living in a very interesting time. With Barack Obama’s second term coming to a close, news stations have been dominated by the presidential race. It has been a crazy election year! The front runner for the GOP race (as of 1/25/16) is a billionaire who claims he will stop immigration by “building a beautiful wall”, while the front runner of the Democratic race is a self proclaimed socialist! Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are polarizing figures in the USA today, and both headline news stations whenever they seem to breathe. The 2016 Presidential Race has dominated social media, as the characters in the race seem to attract attention for whatever they do.

I understand the complexities and fascination of the Presidential Race, as at my school this year, I participated in the Mock Primary Election. The Mock Primary Election at my school is obviously not as tedious and stressful as the real election, but it gave the candidates-and the school a political fever. I ran as Dr. Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon, who I had first heard about by reading his book, Gifted Hands, in seventh grade. I was inspired by his rags-to-riches story, and when given the opportunity to portray him, I jumped at it. The MPE was a lot of work, as we had to advertise our campaigns during schools. For a three week stretch, we also had to do “town hall meetings”, where everyday during our homeroom period (twenty five minutes), all the candidates would visit a homeroom and answer policy-based questions. We had two major debates, one in November 2015 that involved both parties, and our final major debate in January 2016, where each party had separate debates. At the end of our final debate, we would go around and advertise around the school, as all the other members of the school participated in political workshops before they voted. One Republican and one Democrat candidate was voted for at the end of the day, thus ending the three or four month Mock Primary Process. Our winners were Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders (left) and Donald Trump (right) are the two front runners in their parties. With many supporters, yet also many disbelievers, do either of these two men have what it takes to run the country? (Pic: Chicago Tribune)

Bernie Sanders (left) and Donald Trump (right) are the two front runners in their parties. With many supporters, yet also many disbelievers, do either of these two men have what it takes to run the country?

This brings me to my next point, in which I discuss the front runners, Bernie and Donald Trump. I ponder at what makes both candidates so popular with their respective followers. Clearly both have their share of ridiculous policies, yet what do they have for them that makes them so immensely popular? My take on Donald Trump is simple; he speaks his mind, and represents a side of American people who feel they do not have their voices heard. In the now rigid, politically-correct society we live in, a side of Conservative voices have not been heard. Some Conservatives who have similar opinions as Donald Trump are afraid to speak their minds, as the politically-correct society we live in looks down heavily upon many different opinions. For many people, Trump represents a change, someone who will do something about the many problems we have today. Many feel that there has been an inability to get things done, especially in the politically-correct society, and that Donald Trump will be able to get things done. Despite his ridiculousness and his prejudice towards many groups, he speaks clearly about many of the problems we face today.

As for Bernie Sanders, I feel he represents hope, especially towards the younger generation. His defense of minority groups, his talks of free healthcare and college, and his equal society ideas all gather the support of young people, who want to live in a new, equal America. Therefore, he has gained the support of many young people, as well as low-income people who want to be treated as equal. His prominence also comes at the right time, as fellow Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, has had much trouble with many scandals.  Despite his highs, his heavy taxation and socialist mindset go against everything America stands for. Bernie represents a equal, changed America, one we would all like to live in, despite it not being possible.

I hope you all enjoyed my very first blog post! I will be updating this blog weekly, so please feel free to comment or reply on any issues you would like me to talk about. Please share this with other people, and let me know what you think I could work on/improve! I hope to talk to you guys soon!





4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Presidential Front Runners (1/26/16) first post!

  1. so do you support Ben Carson? I like him as a person but we need a stronger and tougher person like Trump who isn’t afraid to offend and do what needs to be done


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