Was Donald Trump’s crack at Muslim soldier Khan and family the last straw? (8/14/16)

Donald Trump has always been a man of many words. Over the past year, Donald Trump has been the dominant figure in the media, receiving widespread attention for numerous controversial comments and incidents.

Yet, even incident after incident, Trump’s popularity never seemed to wane. In July, he became the Republican nominee for President of the United States, beating out numerous other candidates. Trump’s seeming lack of morality, such as mocking a disabled reporter, encouraging “roughing up” of protesters, and disparaging prisoners of war, and his aggressive stance on many issues, such as, banning Muslims from entering the U.S., arming Japan, S. Korea and Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons, and withdrawing U.S. from NATO, seemed to resonate with many Americans. Trump himself famously stated that, “he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose voters,” and for a while, that looked to be astonishingly true.

All of that appeared to have changed one night in July. At the Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan, and his wife, Ghazala, emotionally spoke out about the death of their son, Humayun, who served in the United States military and was killed in the line of duty. Khizr also spoke out against Donald Trump’s policy to “ban Muslims”, stating it to be unconstitutional and questioning Trump’s knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Trump, recklessly as usual, responded with a verbal shot towards Khizr’s wife, saying that she remained silent throughout the speech because she “wasn’t allowed to speak” and questioning why she was there at all.

Khizr Khan, and wife, Ghazala, honoring their son at the DNC. (Pic: Getty Images)

While Trump tried to defend his comments in a tweet, the media backlash towards Trump was astoundingly swift and harsh.  Astounding because none of his numerous previous offensive comments appeared to have any negative impact on his unwavering support.  Curiously, Trump’s comments about the Khans were, “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Support for Trump has decreased noticeably since the incident, and, as of August 13, 2016, the RCP has Clinton up nearly seven points on him in the general election poll. Trump dropped nearly six points since his comments regarding Khan and the end of the DNC.

It has nearly been two weeks since Trump’s comments, and support for Hillary is increasing steadily. This trend begs an important question- why is Trump’s attack on Khan and other Muslims, a religious group that has caused controversy in the United States, so abhorrent compared to his other outrageous insults during his campaign?

Radical Islam, and the religion of Islam in general, has sparked numerous debates among the American people. I find it extremely interesting that Trump’s Khan comments are having such a negative effect on him, especially compared to many other offensive things he has said. Perhaps this incident represents an attack on a person, significantly, an American Muslim, a patriot who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country?   Humayun Khan’s story appears to be a direct contradiction of Trump’s portrayal of all Muslims as terrorists who singularly seek to destroy America.  Maybe this incident is the last straw for Donald Trump, an incident from which he cannot recover.  I doubt that we have heard the last of Trump’s controversial comments.  We still have another three months to go before the election, and Trump creates controversy wherever he goes.   The turning point in this election has occurred.  Trump is getting farther and farther away from the presidency.

                       :/  (Pic: Unknown)

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