As 2016 Election sees its final days, what is its legacy? (11/6/16)

On Tuesday, November 8, exactly two days from now, millions of voters will choose the next President of the United States, and in doing so, put to bed one of the most memorable elections in years.

However, the election is memorable for the wrong reasons.

The battle for the White House between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump was characterized not by lengthy debates over policy, or inspiring speeches, but rather by insults and vicious, personal attacks. Scandals also dominated the 2016 Election headlines. Hillary Clinton continued to be harangued by her email scandal, and Donald Trump seemed to fall victim to a different scandal every week.

Perhaps no election in history had ever drawn so much attention from the world. Yet, it would be difficult to fully understand this election if you live outside of America. While many people in foreign countries views Hillary Clinton as the obvious choice candidate and scoffs at the idea of Donald Trump being president, for people in the United States, it is a very tough decision. For most of the election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remained close in the polls, proving to the world that this election was more than meets the eye.

For the past several months, two names have dominated news headlines. (Pic: CNN)

Similarly, no election in history has ever divided the United States like it has this year. The animosity between Trump and Clinton supporters is something that this country had never witnessed before. Recently, at a Donald Trump rally, Trump supporters were heard chanting “Lock her (Clinton) up.”

Social media also dominated this 2016 Election, with Donald Trump becoming infamous for his “3 A.M. tweets.” Does Trump even sleep?   Trump’s scathing insults would usually be tweeted twenty to thirty seconds after every remark made by Hillary at one of her rallies or conventions. Trump’s twitter account @realdonaldtrump reached nearly 14 million followers, as of November 2016.

As infamous and controversial as the election has been, no one can deny its historical precedence.  Not only is Hillary Clinton the first female representative from a major U.S. party, but she has the potential of becoming the first female President of the United States. A win for Hillary Clinton would be landmark for the progress of women.

The media has described this election as “hugely important.” Hillary Clinton has said that the fate of the world hinges upon the outcome of this election. It is clear that emotions are running high going into Tuesday. As divided as America is right now, Americans need to think, and remind themselves this country can only function when unified. No matter what happens, this country will get through this nasty and ugly election, and must stand behind whoever is elected.




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