A divided nation: one week after the 2016 Election results, where does the country stand? (11/15/16)

One week ago, Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election in a “shocking repudiation of the establishment.” As the nation learned and processed the news, a sense of division was palpable. Protests erupted throughout many cities, with protesters and anti-Trump followers coming up with the slogan “Not Our President.”

Trump supporters responded with furious criticism towards the protesters, calling them “whiners” and complaining that if Hillary had won, and the Trump supporters were in a role reversal with the Clinton supporters, that the Trump supporters would be attacked for not accepting the election results.

The President-elect took notice of the protesters, tweeting last Thursday that the protesters were being “unfair” after the success of his presidential campaign. Later, Trump seemed to have a change of heart, and  tweeted out that “the protesters were professional” and expressed “great passion for the country.”

Hundreds protested the results of the election, complaining of Trump’s bigotry and fearing his various policies. (Pic: Getty Images)

Since the results of the election, Trump has expressed his focus to “unite the country” and his desire for all people to “come together.” He met with President Barack Obama and discussed various issues and policies. Trump called the meeting a success, citing that Obama was a “good man” and saying that he had a lot of respect for him.

Obama similarly expressed good sentiments, calling the meeting “excellent” and conveying his desire to make sure that Trump succeeds as President.

This was a far cry from the pointed and personal criticism of one another during much of Trump’s campaign.

Since his meeting with President Obama, Trump has reconsidered several of his positions on key issues. In an interview on the show 60 Minutes, Trump expressed the idea of keeping several vital Obamacare provisions. Rather than completely repealing and replacing Obamacare, it seems that Trump is now open to amending it. This is a significant about-face, especially after Trump’s well-known stance towards Obamacare during his campaign in which he described it as a “failure” and a”disaster.”

Trump has also shifted his stance on immigration. While he still plans to build a wall, he announced that he will not use a deportation force to deport “all illegal, undocumented immigrants.” He plans to deport only the “criminals”, which could be around 2-3 million undocumented immigrants.

It also appears that Trump will not hire a special prosecutor to prosecute Hillary Clinton. This is very different from what he stated during his campaign, where the chant “Lock Her Up” was usually shouted at his rallies.  He now describes the Clintons as “nice people” whom he does not want to hurt.

After a campaign built on both extreme language and extreme policies, is Donald Trump going back on the ideas that won him the Election? (Pic: Reuters)

Despite these key policy changes, Trump is still facing strong backlash from many American people. People are still uncertain about his presidency and are demanding that Trump apologize for the racist and misogynistic attacks he made during his campaign. Protesters are still reeling from the supposed “aura of fear” he created during his presidential run.

The opposition to the Trump presidency only grew when Trump announced several key cabinet member positions, most notably Steve Bannon, an accused white nationalist as his Chief Executive.  Bannon, who is the CEO of the controversial alt-right organization Breitbart News, is viewed by white nationalists as a person who will ensure that Trump delivers on his campaign promises.

As Democrats continue to reel from the devastating election result, the country remains extremely divided, with a significant number of people who are still unable to accept the results of the election. Everyone must realize that a nation’s strength is not determined by its leader, but rather by the people who are the driving force behind any strong country. The people of the United States must give Donald Trump a chance.  If they are not happy with Trump, as President, they will have an opportunity to vote him out of office and elect someone else.






3 thoughts on “A divided nation: one week after the 2016 Election results, where does the country stand? (11/15/16)

  1. when are you going to add another post? Looking forward to what you think about Trump’s transition and the people he is looking at to fill top posts. Also,what is going on with the democratic party? After Hillary Clinton lost, the dems seem scattered and lost.


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