The cries of Syria: What can the world do? (3/19/17)

It has been nearly three months since the infamous siege of the Syrian city, Aleppo, ended.

While the war in Syria still rages on, and more recently, tensions are rising between Israel and Syria , it is clear that the Syrian human crisis is far from over.

It is easy to view some of the more infamous images of the war and to chastise both sides of the war for letting the crisis spiral out of hand.

But how about the millions of people that have become homeless, or are dead, that the public will never know about?

The city of Aleppo has been evacuated, and while at first, that seems great, as the citizens of Aleppo will no longer have to suffer from the unceasing violence, when examined closer, it is terrible, as thousands of Syrians have been cast away from their homeland.

While it is clear that the conflict in Syria has erupted into a global crisis, it is not so clear as to what blew this conflict out of proportion.

Is it the failure by the former President Obama and the United States to provide sufficient aid to the country years ago or the failure to take a tougher stance? Is it Bashar Assad’s refusal to step down? Is it Russia and the United States’ fault for trying to one up the other and not work together to solve the problem?

A look at some of the devastation that the city of Aleppo has endured. (Pic: Patriot Press)

The answer, to all three, is probably.

It’s too late to change anything, as the city has since been evacuated, and is now controlled by the Syrian Army.

But for the future, what can the world do to ensure that situations like Aleppo don’t happen?

For one, the realization of larger scale problems rather than smaller scale country goals is would be a start. While that seems like a tall order, as the world shifts and continues to become increasingly democratic, the realization that nations must help other countries in need will become more and more prominent.

But second, much of the problem with the Syrian crisis is the Syrian people who have become victims.

The people who used to live in Syria and who are now refugees need the world’s help.

Recently, I’ve provided supplies for care packages that will be used by Syrian families who are in the process of relocating.  These care packages include basic cleaning supplies, books, and school supplies for kids. I encourage you to take whatever action you can to help out. If you visit a local Syrian relief website, you too can create a care package, or donate money to provide for these kits.

Other things you can do are to join the Good Neighbor policy group, which helps refugees adjust to life in the U.S., or start a campaign to spread the word and knowledge about the crisis.

While it might be too late to save Syria, we can still save the lives of its former citizens, and hope that one day, they can return home.


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