Trump clearly doesn’t see “honesty as the best policy” (7/16/17)

Why can’t the Trumps stop lying?

Just days after news came to light about a private meeting in June 2016 between Donald Trump Jr, senior members of the Trump cabinet and a “Russian government lawyer”, President Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr., have told the media differing stories of the meeting’s purpose.

On July 8, when news of the meeting was first published by The New York Times, Trump Jr. explained that the meeting was simply about “adoptions.” He failed to mention anything about opposition research on Hillary Clinton or agreeing to accept help from the Russian government in the 2016 election.

Fast-forward to a day later.

On July 9, more information about the meeting was revealed.  It turns out, the meeting was not about Russian adoption, as Don Jr. stated, but rather about obtaining damaging information on then-Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Documents and other information harmful to Clinton were promised to the Trump cabinet as a show of Russian government’s “support” for Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The emails about the Russian meeting can be read here.

Since these revelations have come to light, Trump Jr. has acknowledged that he went into the meeting planning to receive damaging information about Clinton.  However, he claimed that he did not receive such information, and that discussions shifted to Russian adoption and the Magnitsky Act. He insisted that “nothing” came out of the meeting.  He justified accepting the meeting on the ground  that information on Clinton was “honest political opposition research” and that he had the First-Amendment right to speak to the Russians.

trump jr
I guess they don’t teach you how to lie at UPenn. (Pic: Reuters)


If Trump Jr. honestly believed that the information he thought he was going to receive was opposition research, why didn’t he just come out and say that? Why did he lie or tell half truths about the meeting’s purpose?  Why did he fail to mention there were other Russian individuals present at that meeting.  Why do we still not know exactly who attended the meeting?  Why did he insist that he has told the public “everything”?  Clearly, he has not.  All the incessant lying only fuels the suspicion something nefarious or criminal occurred.

News of the secret meeting, the details of which seems to be constantly evolving, sparked outrage, and the meeting has now become a critical part of the ongoing investigation into Russia-Trump ties in the 2016 Election.

Even several Fox News commentators have spoken out and denounced Trump’s handling of the news of the meeting.

Charles Krauthammer, a respected and regular Fox News commentator, claimed that “evidence [of collusion] is now shown.”

“This is not hearsay, not fake news, not unsourced leaks,” Krauthammer writes.  “This is an email chain released by Donald Trump Jr. himself.”

While the investigation continues, burning questions are posed: why does Trump continue to lie? What is he hiding? Does he believe that as President, he has a certain authority or right to lie without consequence?

As the Trump presidency continues, hopefully we will get the necessary answers.

             Just what are these two hiding?  (Pic: The New Yorker)
































13 thoughts on “Trump clearly doesn’t see “honesty as the best policy” (7/16/17)

  1. Could we possibly be seeing a loss of his conservative base when even the mighty FOX news is dropping some support?


  2. Can I just ask who the hell Donald Trump Jr. is? Dude is the epitome of “only relevant because a family member is famous.” Even worse than a Kardashian.


    1. No. People forget how much of a scandal machine Hillary’s husband bill was. Whitewater, Paula J, Lewinsky…. Hillary was no different with her emails and with Bernie. Dems just defend her to the death, yet one small allegation comes up against Trump and they pounce.


    1. Amazing school for sure. Blame Trump for his antics but you can’t deny his business success which is probably a product of Wharton. No wonder he never wants to mention Fordham!


  3. This is what happens when you mix family with business. You get people who don’t know jack about political affairs or diplomacy getting involved in high-level meetings and relationships. yet Trump will never fire Trump JR because he’s the son. The truth might hurt, but Trump needs to start hiring more intellectuals instead of his family if he wants to have this presidency even remotely work


  4. I’ve read a couple of your past blogs and wonder: why does it seem you’ve been leaning slightly towards the left lately?


  5. I must say, though, Trump must be careful. If he continues to lie, perjury accounts could be charged and could cause an impeachment process.


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