Dear George W. Bush, It’s America. We miss you. (7/26/17)

The turmoil of the current White House administration has Democrats so fed up with Donald Trump that they are even beginning to miss George W. Bush in office.

Yes, you read that correctly.

George W. Bush.

The man, who for the latter half of his second term, could have cured cancer and still had an approval rating of 18% among Democrats.

At the end of Bush’s presidency, most Democrats were calling him the worst president of the modern era, a pretty stinging insult, considering the modern era consists of presidents like Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.

So, just what is it about “Dubbyah” that Democrats are starting to miss?

First of all, while detractors doubted Bush’s ability to handle political affairs, there was never any doubt over his morals, integrity, and fitness for office. He was an American patriot who took the job seriously, but never took himself too seriously.  He was constantly able to laugh at himself for his famous “Bushisms.” Bush even admitted the “brilliance” of some of his impersonators, such as Steve Bridges and Will Ferrell, and even brought up the former’s impersonation of him at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Bush never focused on the heated criticism, and remained undistracted and committed to the job of presidency.

This is in stark contrast to Donald Trump, who has infamously blasted Alec Baldwin for his impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live. Trump is also quite famous for the “war” he is waging against his “critics”, constantly denouncing news media outlets CNN, NBC and MSNBC for “fake news” and “unfair criticism”. To Democrats, Trump’s thin skin and constant overreaction to any criticism, real or perceived, makes him look unhinged.

George Bush (left) and Steve Bridges (right) at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2006. (Pic: New York Times)

Bush also never really caused any major political scandals throughout his presidency (there were minor things, but most weren’t linked directly to him). Unlike the present, the White House under Bush was never in a state of perpetual crisis.  The Trump administration is currently dealing with a major scandal, the Russian-collusion allegations, and he is only six months into his presidency. Other smaller scandals, such as Trump’s failure to produce his tax returns and his failure to fully divest his business interests, also loom large in the Trump administration.

But above all, what Democrats may miss the most is the respect George W. Bush had for the office of the presidency.

Despite being a Republican, Bush was willing to work across party lines to achieve things that he believed were in the best interest of the American people . He never criticized former presidents, and he certainly didn’t bash any Democratic politicians.

As Bush stated in a famous interview with then Fox News host Bill O’ Reilly, “the office of the president is much more important than the occupant.” In other words, Bush refrained from bashing or name-calling his political opponents because he felt that it would diminish the highest office of the land.

 I get the feeling we won’t see Trump and Obama doing this anytime soon… (Pic: Yahoo News)

This is much different than the “Trump rhetoric” and Trumpism, which involve personally defending the office’s beholder, Trump, rather than the office itself.

Trump has constantly criticized politicians, both Republican and Democrat.  His constant attack on his predecessor, Barack Obama, is unprecedented.  He has disparaged John McCain, Ted Cruz and other Republicans who have disagreed with him.  In the past 48 hours, Trump has railed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who happened to be one of Trump’s earliest and most loyal supporters.  His personal attacks towards media figures, particularly women, have appalled almost everyone. Finally, his behaviour and attitude towards foreign leaders has hurt America’s status and reputation globally.

While Bush certainly wasn’t a favorite among Democrats, liberals, after witnessing all of the scandals and upheavals in the Trump administration, are starting to miss him.

And the funny thing is, it’s only been six months.  Six months.  Who knows?  After one year, Democrats might even start missing Richard Nixon.















14 thoughts on “Dear George W. Bush, It’s America. We miss you. (7/26/17)

  1. I’ll never forget the moment when Bush threw the famous pitch at yankee stadium after 9/11. Goosebumps everytime! Miss 43!


  2. Say what you want about his decision making, but no one EVER doubted that Bush was in it for the American people, not himself. A true patriot and leader, unlike the man we have in office now.


  3. Still a war criminal ! Never felt a damn thing for killing all those Iraqis! 9/11 happens and everyoen cries, but america brings 500 9/11 on Iraq for years!


  4. I lived in NO, LA during the years in which Katrina hit, and I have to say, it’s not really Bush’s fault. The Mayor did nothing to help us early on, and was so slow to finally call for federal help. Bush gets a bad rep for a lot of things that he didn’t really contribute to.


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