“Amnesty Don” (9/15/17)

Outrage sparked from pro-Trump media Wednesday night when news surfaced about President Trump possibly working with Democrats on a deal to protect dreamers.

With Democrats.

Let that sink in.

It didn’t get any better for Trump supporters, when this morning, Trump also seemed to retreat from his famous immigration wall pledge. In a series of tweets, Trump announced that the “wall” would be renovated and fixed from previous fences and walls.  It would not involve an actual construction of a new wall.


Pro-Trump media outlets blasted Trump this morning, accusing President Trump of straying from the hardline immigration stance he campaigned and won on.  Because Trump is already so unpopular with the mainstream media, losing the support of the pro-Trump media, which is all he has, could be disastrous for the Trump Administration.

A pro-Dreamers rally in Texas. (Pic: LBC9 News)

“Amnesty Don” was the title Breitbart News had on its front page, along with a series of articles that slammed Trump for his seemingly softer stance on immigration. Breitbart, which is one of the largest pro-Trump media outlets, has become increasingly critical of the President since Steve Bannon left the White House.

Other well-known Trump supporters voiced their displeasure with Trump, too.

Ann Coulter, who wrote the book “In Trump We Trust,” lambasted Trump’s deal with the Democrats and even joked about impeaching him.  Some Fox News reporters accused Trump of “acting like Obama,” claiming that Trump’s ideas were clearly not America First.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.22.58 PM
Ann Coulter, initially one of Trump’s biggest supporters, has since turned on him for retreating from his immigration and healthcare promises. 

The fury from the pro-Trump media raises an essential question: What would happen if the pro-Trump media abandoned Trump?

No doubt, it would be political suicide.

President Trump believes that his supporters are loyal because they have supported him through his many scandals and shenanigans.  However, he doesn’t seem to understand that a large number of voters supported him mainly because of his hardline stance on immigration.  If his immigration stance continues to soften, it’s safe to say that a large portion of Trump’s core support will turn on him.

The reality is that President Trump is not turning into the “Immigration Executioner” that many of his supporters had dreamed he’d turn out to be.  Truthfully, Trump is starting to act like the other Republican candidates he successfully ran against. This is especially problematic, because Trump’s promise of radical change was critical to his victory.

In the 2016 election, many people were weary of Obama and his policies. They felt that America needed a change.  Trump represented that breath of fresh air and promised a radical change in the White House.

But now, eight months into the Trump presidency, Trump’s America doesn’t seem that different from the Obama America.

Racial tensions still run high, and the country is largely divided. Trump has not made repealed and replaced Obamacare, and for now, Obamacare is here to stay and is the law of the land.  Trump’s new stance on immigration seems no different than amnesty espoused by other Republican candidates.  Remember, the then-candidate Trump railing against candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush for supporting amnesty?

It is a critical time for President Trump. While he still has a lot of time left to go in his first term, it’s safe to say that if he doesn’t start enacting some of his campaign promises, such as immigration and tax reform, he could be packing his bags in 2020.






12 thoughts on ““Amnesty Don” (9/15/17)

  1. I stand with Ann, we didn’t vote for you because we necessarily liked you, we voted for you because you promised immigration change!


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