My name is Andrew, and I started this blog as a sophomore in 2016. I live in New Jersey. I first decided to start a blog due to the many opinions I have on a variety of issues. I love to debate, communicate, and just talk with others. I have a passion for talking, so much so, that when I was in elementary school, I probably got in trouble for talking too much. But, I continued to talk, because I always feel talking with others allows you to learn so much more.

These days, almost every act is a political act, and our world is largely dominated by politics. I am fascinated with the politics of our changing world, and understand how politics shapes the future.

I am also an avid sports fan. I feel that sports is unifying and helps people understand each other better. Every four years, we celebrate the various cultures of the world with the Olympics and the World Cup, while remaining vehemently passionate about our own country. Sports has the power to set aside differences by allowing people to compete together at the thing they love. Sports has had a large impact on me growing up, as I not only played a lot of sports growing up, but I also follow almost every sport. Therefore, I will also blog a lot about various important sporting events that occur.

There will also be a Middle Eastern theme to this blog, along with the political and sports themes. Currently, I am self-learning Arabic, and continue to also study the Middle East on my own. The Middle East is a region that fascinates me, as in the past several years, the region has dominated U.S. foreign affairs. Although the Middle East might be portrayed negatively by some media outlets, I feel the region is arguably the most misunderstood in the world, and that sometimes, we, as Americans, do not view the Middle East with an open mind.

I will be updating this blog pretty frequently, sharing my opinions with all to read. However, all of your opinions are just as important as mine, and I would love to hear your comments on any posts. While this is the land of free speech, I do ask you to be mindful and respectful when you comment, as remember, other people will be seeing your comments.

Comment away!